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Wedding Gallery: Photojournalist

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Wedding Photojournalism

The candid, "Unposed" look

Photojournalism is the fastest-growing shooting style in high-end weddings. A photojournalist wedding photographer captures moments as they happen - unposed - while still adding the photographer's own artistry and style. The gallery above is a mix of photos from both Denver and Destination Weddings, but contains many photojournalist shots to give you a sense of our techniques and abilities. For brides who request a wedding heavy on PJ shots, you can expect a gallery with roughly this mix.

Do I have to go PJ?

On wedding day, the last thing you want is a photographer getting in the way of all the FUN you're supposed to be having. One way to ensure your pictures don't dominate the day is to request a photojournalist style of photography. But that doesn't mean you have to go photojournalist just to avoid an overbearing photographer. We can practice any of our techniques without being too much of a hassle. Morern, traditional, and photojournalist styles are all possible. Ask for the kinds of pictures that you like, and we'll make sure to capture them.

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