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Nightclub Photography Gallery

Denver Nightclub Photography

Sophisticated, elegant, artistic.

If you've been inside any of the world's top nightclubs during a late-hour set, you'll be familiar with the dazzling display of lights and lasers that these venues use to accompany the pulsing music. The visual displays are fully one half of the nightclub experience. These sights complement the sounds like nothing else can. But they can be a big challenge for photographers.

Even with all the latest light metering technology in today's high-end cameras, there is no system that will accurately predict what kind of light is going to come throught the lens at any given moment in a club - the light levels are simply changing too quickly for that. Many photographers will attempt to neutralize this problem by flooding their subjects with flash. It makes the light more predictible, but also more boring.

Nick Salazar takes a different approach: he works with the light, despite its difficulty. By shooting on completely manual settings, Nick relies on his own brain instead of the camera's, and achieves a vision that would otherwise be impossible.

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