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Wedding Gallery: Modern

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Modern Wedding Photography

Lights and Camera combine to make a fairy tale

Salazar Photography is proud to be one of the only studios in Denver, or even in the entire state of Colorado to be using cutting-edge Modern Photography techniques. The images you see in this gallery aren't made in the rapid-fire way that photojournalist images are. Images in this gallery were made by native Colorado Wedding Photographers, crafted with care, lit with professional portrait flashes, and composed to perfection. If you like a modern shooting style, don't take any chances on who you book. Get Salazar Photography.

About Flash Photography

A little photography 101 for you: there's only ONE thing that's important if you want to create a stunning picture. It's not having the most expensive lens ... great pictures can come out of just about anything. And it's not the number of megapixels in your camera ... you could print a billboard with no more than 6 megapixels. The most important element in any photograph ... is LIGHT. A camera does nothing more than record light. The photographer's job is to make that light interesting and beautiful. That's where flash comes in.

Take a look at the shots above. Many of them were lit with flash. "But hey," I hear you saying, "that's not what it looks like when I use the flash on my own camera at home." True. A camera's on-board flash ALWAYS makes subjects look flat and lifeless. Even on fancy SLR cameras. We never, EVER point the flash straight at our subjects. Most of the time, our flash isn't even on the camera. Getting the flash off of your camera, or pointing it away from the subjects is the best way to get what's called "directional" light. That's what makes the shots above look natural and dramatic.

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