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Maternity Portriats

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Making Maternity Portraits Shine

Moms and babies in our studio or on location

Maternity portraits are an intimate, delicate thing. Each expecting mother has different needs, and is going through a unique experience. We understand this, and are sensitive to those needs. Need to take breaks every few minutes? No problem. Want to make sure the shoot is in our studio, in a private setting? Check. Want images that dazzle you? Look no further. Nick is a Denver Baby Photographer who knows what makes portraits fun, intimate, and beautiful.

Our Unique, Artistic Touch

Whether you're a first-time mother or working on number five, your pregnancy is unique and beautiful. It is filled with hope, joy, and beauty. The best way we have found to capture the essence of those qualities is by using some very clean, elegant lighting setups and backgrounds. Usually, that means shooting on studio white seamless or black seamless backgrounds. These two special background types are often the hardest to shoot, because the eye is very good at picking out imperfections in a pure white backdrop. But it's always worth the effort. Check out some of the gallery shots above. The white and black backgrounds allow us to achieve a wide variety of artistic styles - sometimes we throw the subject into silhouette, other times we use black backgrounds and rim-light the mother, yet other times we digitally replace a white background with a colored one. With white and black, the possibilities are endless, and we strongly recommend sticking to them for your maternity portrait session.

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