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The most stunning natural landscapes, taken in areas spanning the entire globe.

So many images, we had to add a second gallery!

A different take on some of the world's famous metropolitan areas.

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Natural Beauty and Metropolitan Cityscapes

Amazing shots of the world's most beautiful places
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Camilo is the director and principal photographer of the Salazar Photography Fine Art division. He has been shooting landscapes and other art for many years. The galleries here are a reflection of his experience in some twenty countries across four continents. See if you can spot some of the exotic shots taken in Italy, Spain, Colombia, and more.

But despite having traveled far and wide, Camilo's favorite spots are closer to home, tucked away within the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Southwest United States. Home to some of the greatest photographic treasures on Earth, these places offer a glimpse of nature that simply can't be seen anywhere else on the planet.

Have a look inside and see how Camilo's art can take you on a journey you never dreamed possible.

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