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Family Portraits

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Capturing Colorado Family Portraits at their Best

Denver, CO based photographer

Families might just be our favorite groups to shoot. Family portrait shoots are always relaxed, personal, and fun. We shoot all over Denver - if there's a local park or trail that you like, we're happy to shoot you there. If you're stuck for ideas, we have plenty of favorite locations. Our studio sits right against the foothills, so it's easy to get beautiful mountain portraits, even at a studio session.

Should we coordinate?

By far, the most common question we get asked when booking a family portrait session is "what kinds of outfits should we wear? Should we be matching?" The answer, of course, is what you're going to want to see hanging on your wall. In our opinion, coordinated outfits look great, and when in doubt, coordinate. Normal rules of portraiture clothing apply: wear solid colors (no stripes or patterns), avoid sleeveless shirts, and wear collars. Other than that, just do your thing. Jeans are a great choice for almost any informal session, and coordinate well with many different shirt colors. Here are a few ideas for outfit ideas:

  • Everyone in blue jeans + white t-shirts
  • Guys in maroon, girls in pastel blue
  • Parents in white, kids in gray

These are just a few ideas. Make it personal, make it your own, and the pictures will come out great.

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