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Extreme athletes need extreme photography. See how our lighting setups transform humans into icons.

Bring your brand up-to-date with cutting-edge photography that captures customers at the first impression.

Our restaurant photography is about making food look delicious, and making atmospheres look enchanting.


Denver Nightclub Photography Gallery

The lighting environment inside a nightclub is a challenge; the scenery will go from almost pitch black, to brightly lit in a heartbeat. Strobes, spots, and lasers swirl around to greate a luminous landscape like no other. If you want to capture it in style, you need a photographer who understands it from the inside out.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography Galleries

Athletes, Products, Restaurants, and More

Nick Salazar is Denver's premiere commercial and product photographer. We've been hired to shoot everything from iPhone accessories to five-star Los Angeles restaurants. Our full-featured studio can accommodate up to 6 subjects and any number of products. We travel on-location for restaurant, facility, and corporate shoots.

We shoot what we love. Fine food, extreme sports, and high-tech gadgets. We're completely in love with what we do, we we're just as excited to craft beautiful images as our clients are to receive them. We understand how cutting-edge photographyis a big part of how your brand interfaces with the world. And we know how to elevate that brand identity to the next level.

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